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We present the tourist area of ​​Znojemsko and Podyjí

The South Moravian tourist area of ​​Znojemsko and Podyjí covers the territory of the entire Znojemské district. Its southern border is also the state border with Austria, which in the times of the previous regime was one of the most strictly guarded and closed behind the so-called iron curtain. This is also why nature, unspoiled by civilization, has been preserved here - the rarest nature along the Dyje River was declared the Podyjí National Park in 1991. The narrow asphalt and gravel roads that used to be used for the rapid movement of border guards are now pleasant and safe cycle paths, and a dense network of marked routes throughout the region beckons for trips by bike and on foot.

The region is a well-known wine and fruit growing area, so the roads often wind between sun-drenched vineyards, pass through lush orchards or skirt fertile fields. Instead, the rivers Dyji, Jevišovka and Rokytnou embrace rocky canyons with romantic views, and the prevailing deciduous forests take your breath away, especially in autumn. The entire area belongs to the warmest parts of the Czech Republic, where there are only mild winters and ideal conditions for a summer holiday by the water.

he natural center of the region, and not only for tourism, is the royal city of Znojmo full of historical and church monuments. From the south, it is surrounded by ancient wine villages and the pure nature of the Podyjí National Park. Within easy reach of the natural center of the region, there is a breathtaking landscape, delicious wine and a number of marked hiking and cycling routes in pure nature. The navigable section of the river Dyje starts in Znojmo, which is suitable for boating beginners.

The southern borderland is the domain of the unspoiled nature of the Podyjí National Park and famous vineyard routes. The former border area has undergone a huge transformation and today offers modern business, entertainment, accommodation and gastronomic services.

In the west, you will find the famous summer recreation area surrounding the Vranovská Reservoir, aptly nicknamed the Moravian Adriatic. The popular Vranovská beach offers a variety of active activities and especially water sports. The captivating wooded landscape here hides majestic castles and chateaux as well as romantic ruins and viewpoints.

he northern part of the district with its natural center in Moravský Krumlov, these are historical, church and technical monuments and the fabulous valley of the Rokytná River - all within easy reach of the city of Moravian Liechtenstein with a Renaissance castle and the unique Slavic epic by Alfons Mucha. The local excursion locations also include the forested Jevišovicko and Miroslavsko, famous for their apricots and wine.

To the east of Znojmo stretches the fertile and only slightly undulating Hrušovansko. Ideal for lovers of sun, wine and fans of easy family trips between fields and vineyards - by bike or on foot. A land of living folklore traditions, peace and well-being. You can also explore the south-eastern region of Znojmo with a number of unique technical monuments from the saddle of a bicycle or from a boat along the Dyja navigable by boat.

You can find more information about the region and specific tips for trips here: https://www.znojmoregion.cz/en/visit-the-region