Members and Partners

ZnojmoRegion, as a non-profit registered association, brings together members from cities and municipalities, private business entities and the non-profit sector. It has signed a partnership memorandum of cooperation with important national institutions and specific organizations. Here you will find an up-to-date overview of all members and partners of the destination company ZnojmoRegion, z. s.

Memorandums of Cooperation (4 in total)

  • National Monument Institute ÚPS Kroměříž: In the territory of Znojemsko and Podyjí, it manages 4 important historical buildings: Bítov Castle, Vranov nad Dyjí Castle, Uherčice Castle and the ruins of Nový Hrádek near Lukov.
  • PODYJÍ National Park Administration: It mainly ensures the protection of nature and landscape in the territory of the Podyjí National Park, but also professional natural science research or information, advisory, educational and educational activities.
  • Znojmo District Chamber of Commerce: Professional organization covering communication, cooperation and consulting for the business sector in the Znojmo district.
  • Partnership Foundation: A publicly beneficial company whose management includes the long-distance EuroVelo and Greenways cycle routes passing through the territory of the Czech Republic, the branched network of Moravian Wine Trails, as well as the national certification system "Cyclists Welcome", monitoring of cycle tourism in the field or a series of cycle tours through the Wine Country or Festivals of Open Cellars.

Cities, municipalities and associations of municipalities (18+ in total)

  • City of ZNOJMO: The royal city of Znojmo is the natural center of the region and the second largest city in the South Moravian region. It is full of historical and church monuments, active experiences and events. It is closely adjacent to the Podyjí National Park and famous vineyards.
  • City MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV: The ancient town in the meander of the Rokytná River is inextricably linked with the Liechtenstein family and the famous painting cycle The Slavic Epic by Alfons Mucha located in the local Renaissance castle.
  • City of MIROSLAV: A city of wine and apricots with an ancient history, the center of which is decorated by the Miroslav Castle surrounded by a centuries-old park and the protected nature of the Miroslav Hills.
  • The town of ŠTÍTARY: In the cadastre of an ancient town with a turbulent history, today you will find one of the largest recreational areas in the Znojmo region – the Vranovská Dam, aptly nicknamed the Moravian Adriatic.
  • The town of VRANOV NAD DYJÍ: An ancient town with a well-known baroque castle, picturesquely situated in the tourist-attractive valley of the Dyje River on the threshold of the Podyjí National Park.
  • The village of BOHUTICE: Bohutice is a village with an interesting history and a centuries-old tradition of orchard and wine growing. They are also an important place of pilgrimage with a number of church monuments and a unique exposition of the Stations of the Cross at the local castle.
  • The village of HLUBOKÉ MAŠŮVKY: One of the most visited pilgrimage sites in southwestern Moravia, north of Znojmo, which is also an important archaeological site.
  • The village of HNANICE: Just a few kilometers south of Znojmo, close to the Austrian border, lies the village of Hnanice, surrounded on almost all sides by vineyards. It is one of the entrance gates to the Podyjí National Slingshot.
  • The village of CHVALOVICE: A village close to the Austrian border, which thanks to its location can offer not only history and wine, but also diverse and unusually wide possibilities for entertainment, sports and services for the whole family.
  • The village of JAROSLAVICE: A wine-growing village in one of the most fertile locations in the Znojmo region with picturesque cellar alleys, the dominant landscape of which is the third largest pond in Moravia and the Renaissance castle above it.
  • The municipality of NOVÝ ŠALDORF–SEDLEŠOVICE: Two neighboring villages located on the threshold of the Podyjí National Park and within reach of the city of Znojmo, which have been associated with quality wine since time immemorial.
  • The village of SLUP: The wine village of Slup can be proud of a unique water mill, a museum of the Czechoslovak Republic. fortifications and the museum of agriculture, but also one of the largest folklore festivals of the Znojmo District – the Bread Festival.
  • The village of ÚNANOV: A village with a centuries-old history that impresses with its neatness and amenities, where the biggest tourist attraction is currently a modern car camp and a summer water park aptly named Pohoda.
  • The village of VEDROVICE: The village near Moravské Krumlov attracts the attention of lovers of archeological and technical monuments, of which the Vedrovicka Museum and the municipal cadastre are full.
  • The village of VRBOVEC: The largest wine-growing village in the Znojmo region attracts a summer swimming pool, an exhibition cellar street, living wine traditions and a family educational trail in the footsteps of the Grape Goat – the legendary wine patron.
  • DSO Jevišovicka: The voluntary association of Jevišovicka municipalities is an association of 7 municipalities (Boskovštejn, Černín, Jevišovice, Jiřice u Moravské Budějovice, Rozkoš, Střelice and Vevčice) located in a rugged wooded landscape north of Znojmo.
  • Miroslavsko Microregion: A microregion that unites 8 municipalities in the north-east of Znojmo: Damnice, Dolenice, Hostěradice, Jiřice u Miroslavi, Miroslav, Miroslavské Knínice, Našiměřice and Suchohrdly u Miroslavi.
  • Association of Municipalities of Moravia: The group of municipalities Moravia consists of 8 municipalities, which can be found in the imaginary center between the cities of Jevišovice, Znojmo, Miroslav and Moravský Krumlov. In the area dedicated to wine and apricots, these are: Džbánice, Hodní Dunajovice, Morašice, Trstěnice, Tvořihráz, Višňové, Výrovice and Žerotice.

Non-profit organizations and associations (7+ in total)

  • Music Association ZNOJMO: Renowned organizer of festivals, concerts and musical events not only in Znojmo, but also throughout Znojmo and Podyjí, including the Austrian border area. They are behind the summer international music festival Znojmo and the winter festival JazzFest Znojmo.
  • South Moravian Museum in ZNOJMO: It belongs to the most important cultural and national history institutions of South Moravia. It currently manages 6 historical monuments in and around Znojmo: the Minorite Monastery, the Znojmo Castle, the rotunda of St. Kateřiny, the House of Arts, the Monument to the inventor Prokop Diviš in Přímětice and the ruins of Cornštejn Castle near Bítov.
  • MAS Hrušovansko: The local action group Hrušovansko is an open non-political grouping of citizens, non-profit organizations, the business sector and public administration, united by the idea of ​​further development of Hrušovansko.
  • MAS Living border: A local action group that connects the area of ​​Jevišovick and Moravskokrumlovska, both through development projects and a backbone cycle route. It is the guarantor of the regional certification "Znojemsko Regional Brand".
  • Association of ŠATOV winemakers: In Šatov, wine has been doing well since time immemorial, so currently there are a number of wine-tourism events and activities, as well as the possibility of private and corporate events or accommodation with winemakers.
  • Technical Museum in BRNO: Two important and unique technical monuments are managed by the Technical Museum in Brno in the Znojmo region: the Water Mill in Slup and the Area of ​​the Czech Republic. fortifications and iron curtains in Šatov.
  • VOC Znojmo: A wine association bringing together winemakers from Znojmo, whose wine has the right to carry the VOC Znojmo (= Wine Original Certification) within the framework of the appeal system, which was the first in the Czech Republic to be established in Znojmo.

Private business entities (21 in total)

  • Bravissimo agency ZNOJMO: Professional marketing agency and graphic studio from Znojmo, which focus on the wine and tourist presentation of Znojmo in the Czech Republic and abroad. It also manages the tourist information portal
  • Apartments ZNOJMO: Apartments Znojmo are an example of small but comfortable accommodation close to the center, the city park and all historical monuments of the royal city of Znojmo.
  • Excalibur City CHVALOVICE-HATĚ: One of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in the Czech Republic built in the area of ​​the Czech-Austrian border crossing Chvalovice-Hatě.
  • Freeport Leisure CHVALOVICE-HATĚ: Since 2002, FREEPORT Fashion Outlet in Hatice, on the Czech-Austrian border, has been the center for branded purchases at the most favorable prices.
  • Hotel Happy Star**** HNANICE: A comfortable hotel within easy reach of Podyjí National Park. It offers quality accommodation and gastronomy, first-class wellness and wine, but also top wedding and conference service.
  • Hotel Premium**** ZNOJMO: The modern Wellness & Wine hotel in the northern part of Znojmo offers comfortable accommodation, high-quality gastronomy, first-class wellness and facilities for corporate or private events.
  • Hotel Weiss LECHOVICE: You can find the family-style Garni hotel with a wine focus in the quiet surroundings of the village of Lechovice near Znojmo. It also offers facilities for smaller weddings or corporate events.
  • Kofi-Kofi ZNOJMO: A mobile cafe on a bike, that's how the Kofi-Kofi concept could be briefly introduced, which has spread from Brno to other cities in the Czech Republic - even to Znojmo, and even to several places.
  • Laser Game Infinity ZNOJMO: The most modern entertainment center for laser games and virtual reality in the Czech Republic, occupying the entire 2nd floor of the Dyje department store, right in the historic center of Znojmo.
  • Shipping VRANOV: Cruises are an integral part of the Vranovská Reservoir, and a visit to the "Moravian Adriatic" would not be complete without them. The ships Poseidon, Viktorie and Valentýna depart from the wharf at the dam.
  • LESNÁ motorcycle museum: 1. The Czech motorcycle museum and gallery of vintage cars in Lesná near the Vranovské dam also offers stylish accommodation and catering as well as an old-time bazaar.
  • Pension Alma ZNOJMO-POPICE: A family guesthouse with a small sheep farm standing on the border of the Podyjí National Park offering peace and privacy as well as relaxation with wine and pure nature.
  • REMO-Agency ZNOJMO: Znojmo agency offering professional guide, tourist and transport services, not only in Znojmo and South Moravia, but also in neighboring Austria.
  • Handmade paper mill Old school ŽELETICE: Traditional manufactory paper production was revived by a family company in Želetice near Znojmo. In the hand-made paper mill, they present the old craft and allow you to try it out.
  • At the Carpenters BÍTOV: The Tesařova family has been dedicated to gastronomy and accommodation services in Bítovská and Vranovská for several decades. Today, they operate not only high-quality accommodation and catering facilities, but also their own brewery.
  • DOBŠICE: The VINOTRH company brings together winemakers from the Znojmo wine sub-region offering their quality wines both in a unique Enotéka and online in a special wine e-shop.
  • ZNOJMO boating center: The boating center is located in the Old Reservoir under the dam of the Znojemské Reservoir. It rents out boating equipment, runs a campsite and organizes boating and sports courses as well as first aid courses.
  • Vranov beach Holiday park ŠTÍTARY: The Vranovská Prehrada is one of the most popular recreational areas in the Czech Republic, and the Holiday Park is one of the best rated and equipped campsites.
  • Vranov Dam ŠTÍTARY: The recreation area of ​​Vranovska Beach would not be complete without the gastronomic services of Restaurant and Pizzeria U Karličky or the music bar on the water called Pařník.
  • Znojmo city brewery: Beer has been brewed in Znojmo for hundreds of years, and its modern history is being written by the joint-stock company Znojmo City Brewery with several of its own gastro businesses and excursions to the production.
  • Znovín ZNOJMO: A leading wine company that is a leader not only in the quality and production of wine, but also in the development and variety of wine tourism programs in Znojmo.